Keeping busy on a rainy weekend

Polka dots in blue

Picnik collage
This weekend was not really conducive to a summery feel : gusts of wind, below season temperatures and even worse ... rain, sometimes showers but ever so often a regular downpour. So, it was definitely not the weekend I would spend sitting on the terrace reading one of the many books piled up in my "to be read" stack and I needed to look for some other occupation.

As I already spent the last weekend cleaning up and reorganising things at home, I didn't want to go down that road again. Even Domestic Princessness has its limits, at least at my place :o). And therefore I chose to drop by the beadshop, grab some more supplies and spend my time fiddling with beads and wires instead of letting the weather dampen my spirits.

And this was the result : a couple of pendants and earrings and a polka dot necklace. The pendants and earrings are rather similar to what I made before but for the necklace I opted for a new and different approach, using ribbons and a metal chain. I never used fabric in jewellery before but it is something I will need to experience with, because I think it has a lot of potential.

I also bought some liberty fabric biais in view of another necklace but the band of fabric is too small to close it by using the sewing machine, so I'll have to sew it by hand, which is something I am not really looking forward to. Sewing has never really been my thing. But I'll give it a try and post about it once it's done.

Picnik collage
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